Piotr character discussion

Feral upbringing specificaly states that you may not start with an ability in a language. Also please note that Flam is in Norway, not Russia.

As noted, the two languages he has (Russian and Norse), were both bought with XP, and it's also why both are at 3, and neither is at 5.

The flaw for feral upbringing doesn't say that languages must be bought with later life experience points, it says you cannot have them at all.

Ok, then I will divert that XP elsewhere

XP moved elsewhere

You are in Norway, there is no steppe to have ways of the steppe...
I'm also going to have to disallow warrior in combination with feral- you have lived up until now as a wild animal, no tools, no weapons, no participation in war as a trained soldier.

Ok, am completely reworking him then.

Am considering taking the following Flaws:
Animal Companion (Falcon/Hawk)
Outsider - Major
Disfigurement (Albino)
Judged Unfairly
Optimistic - Major

With the following Virtues:
Affinity with Carouse
Affinity with Single Weapon
Keen Vision
Great Perception
Improved Characateristics
Puissant Wilderness Sense
Well Traveled
Wilderness Sense

Would that be allowed? before I make the effort of crunching the numbers

It looks good- I will want to know which outsider group you belong to- this will need to be something other than another effect of albinism, for example an Albino Jew, Sami, etc.

Either Sami, or from the Bashkir (people of the Ural mountains, if you agree.

The Ural mountains are 1700 miles from Flam- like I said Norway, not Russia.


I reworked him to be Sami. Hope there are no problems.

looks good, approved
technical detail- as an albino his eyes would be pink, not blue.

Changed to pink

Let me know when he can enter the situation at Flam