Planting vis - what happens?

It must be one o the commonest magical experiments in play - plant a pawn of vis (usually herbam) in the form of a live seed and see what happens. So, what happened in your campaigns? And is there a canon rule as to what the result should be? After all, if most PC covenants give it a go at some point then in the 400 years of the Order's history some Bonsagius has surely tried.

It entirely depends on the context in which it is planted, the saga in question and what the storyguide feels like doing at the time.

In normal circumstances you'd get a plant. Not a magical, vis-bearing plant - just a plant. You could use it as a thematic way to describe how your magus distills vis in his lab (CrVi lab total) - 'growing' the other vis via the vis-seed, and ending up with 1p herbam and (CrVi lab total / 10)p vim due to spending a season caring and tending for his vis-flowers.

It could also become the source of a story. Maybe the seed contains vis because it holds a tiny piece of the essence of some magical forest spirit, and growing it means the forest spirit gains power within the covenant?

Maybe it grows into a mystical tree wherein anyone who climbs its boughs end up in a small regio, but only on auspicious days of the year?

Maybe it grows into the only plant whose flowers can be used to cure the strange disease plaguing the nearby villages, and the disease-demons fear it and seek its destruction?

Your magus may well -expect- a cheap, renewable source of vis. The problem is farming vis isn't very mystical, so chances are your magus will be disappointed.

Awesome thoughts Kid Gloves - I especially like the distilling vis idea: nothing that the magus couldn't already do, but lovely flavor.

None. Magic is an art because its unpredictable. You might get a plant that retains the Vis that was in the seed.
You might get mundane plant that is exceptionally healthy or "vigorus". Or a plant that never existed before.
Maybe you get a plant with a very weak faerie or magical creature in it.

Back in our very first 4th ed saga, a Faerie lord gave the magi as reward some Creo vis in the form of acorns. We lived in a very high aura, and thought: "Acorns, they could be planted".
To keep balance int he game, we ruled that we would have to water the acorn for some years with magical water from our Vim source until the plant thrived. And that is was only possible due to our high aura of 5 or 6. See this as the initial investment. I believe we used 8 pawns annually. After this time (I think it was 2 or 3 years) we would use only 4 pawns Vim annually and this resulted in a yield of 4 pawns Creo vis. As Creo is more valuable than Vim (since this can be destilled) this 'conversion' seemed to be worth it. Some Troupes would most likely feel this was harsh terms, but we thoght it was ok. We did not want vis inflation.

I would be prepared to do something like this in my current 5th ed sagas as well.

We actually have 3 plants within our covenant which were grown from vis seeds.

  1. is evil and corrupts things it touches
  2. is contested with a monster
  3. is the heart of a fearie and we haven't tried regrowing the seeds it grows.

So I think in short.... whatever is good for the story is the answer.