Play by Google+ hangout ... uiFekyD5NJ

If no-one else steps up, I'll step up an run a one shot, next year.

People in the Australian Timezones are particularly welcome.

People who have the faintest idea how this technology works are also very welcome.

My big goal (perhaps I should keep this to's commit to things which are to try to have a G+ variant stream going for Grand Tribunal this year, so that people who can't make it to US/UK can still get their game on during the weekend.

Also: this venue seems to rock for demo games. A lot of people saying "I've always wanted to try it, but never found a local group."

Interested. Time commitment willing.


I just wish it was separate from my Google account. The last thing I want is for my email to be synced with everything else I do through Google. Otherwise, Google+ looks really cool. I know there are a couple ArM folks on it already... Tyrell and some of his friends, I believe.

I'd be very interested and I'm usually functional during Australian timeframes. :slight_smile:

I know the technology well. I've played several games that way and done a couple of hangouts.