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Wait, Magonomia is happening? I heard the kickstarter failed and I assumed it wasn't coming out. If it is, is there any way I can financially support it?

It funded on the second try.

The publisher is over at https://shewstonepublishing.com/

See their contact info.

It's the main bit I've written ATM, so discarding it would be hard.

Next time, I tell you where they hid the faeriie forest. It rocks. (Written later - no, I'm ahead of myself. Next time is the sacred weapon of the urban Dianic alchemist cult)

The idea to do a Magonomia column comes out of the Venice source I'm using. It goes up to the fall of the Republic under Napoleon. So, it might be Ars until 1500 and then Magonomia after.

I feel like the Weapon of the Urban Diana cult episode perfectly encapsulates Ars Magica's strengths, where folklore fuels stories.

I'm inordinately pleased with the idea of it.

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Hi, you'll see the episodes go out of order a little this month. Basically it's a RL sickness problem.

I still have six episodes set up, but they are all on curious stones or Venice, so I don't want them all to come out together.

Also, my idea for a Magonomia column? Libsyn suggests I split it off into a separate feed. I'll need to think about it a little more.

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The last six months of transcripts went up this week.