Podcast news

Sorry this week was late: I'd put the wrong release date on the file. This week, the Buggane of St Trinians, on the Isle of Man.

The current runsheet for the blog looks like this. Stars mean I've not loaded a recording for it yet. Blanks mean I've not written it. I'm hoping to push things back a bit next month, so that the Christmas episode goes back toward Christmas. 8)

I'm not enjoying the way I'm doing the Kunz ones at the moment. I may need to give them a rethink.

Ideas for next year: Dunsany's best novel, "The King of Elfland's Daughter.", enters public domain next year, so it's clearly a target for a big piece, like Scanoth was. I'm also interested in stealing things from the poetry of Robert Southey's poetry. He has a school of infernal wizardry in a giant cave under the ocean near Sicily which I'm kind of amazed we have not used before. I'll wrap up the Scilly readings this year, and so I'll be looking for a new book to Librivox. It's likely to be either about The Isle of Man or Venice and I'll be moving material from my Librivox recordings to the blog.

O31 Don Rodriguez 2 (The Inn of the Dragon and Knight)
N7 Kunz 4 (Diamond and Emerald)
N14 Man: Old Christmas Traditions.
N21 Don Rodriguez 3 (The Spider)
N28 Teasdale Poem 1 (Helen of Troy)
D5 Tesdale Poem 2 (Title's missing from my notes, but its another faerie goddess)
D12 Man: City under the Sea
D19* Kunz 5 (Haematitie and Jacinth)
D26 Don Rodriguez 4 - The Sorcerer of the Mirrors
J2* Kunz 6
J9 Sabrina of the Severin
J23 Don Rodriguez 5 - Spirit Journey to the Sun
J30 - God's Judgement on a Wicked Bishop
F6 Song of Faeries Robbing an Orchard
F13* Kunz 7 - Opal Plesiosaur
F20 Don Rodriguez 6 - The Duel
F27 The Shadow Hunter
M5* Kunz 8 (Divination)
M19 Don Rodriguez 7 - The Green Bowmen
A2 Theft from a Gouty Merchant
A23 Don Rodriguez 8 (The Castle of Shadow Valley)