Podcast topics please?

Hi gang,

As part of my inservice for my real-world job, I have to do some podcasts, and set up a podcast. Apparently my Librivoxing doesn't count...

So, since I need to do this anyway, might as way make it folklore/Ars/whatever.

I don't have a co-host so I'm going to have to keep it short. Little fifteen minute things, probably. Half a dozen would be fine.

Any subjects people want me to cover?

Either would be awesome!
Are there no restrictions at all, or are there some restrictions, so it can be only peripherally about Ars?

Normal, I'd ask what sort of thing you know about, but as I recall, you're a librarian, so all of the knowledge of the world is at your fingertips. Correct?

Perhaps some tips for folk wishing to find and uplift real historic refs into Ars material. I've found gang most of the official material feels authentic. Any tips?

No restrictions...basically I got roped into it because I'm a Librivoxer, so I've run classes in Audacity before. Now I need to show people how to set up a podcast from soup to nuts, which is something I've never done. So, I need to do it before I need to develop a program and teach it. What I use to develop the skills doesn't matter from a library perspective.

Personally, because I'm not working on anything RPG related right now, I'm a bit out of it in terms of topics.

Yes, I am a librarian, and yes, my library does free interlibrary loans across all Australian members of the national ILL system, so, sure I can get most stuff. Lacking anything else I'm going to start strip mining Thomas Costain's books for ideas, because we got so much out of The Magnificent Century for various Ars books.

Something about the process of writing an Ars Magica book?

On Being a Librarian

Related to AM only insofar as the game features books as McGuffins.