polyaigos fall 1197

Xene is told to pack her things, they are going for another investigation. This time it is Megehia ex Miscelania who is accused of both interfering with mundanes and trafficking's with the infernal, for killing the patriarch of the monastery of Feminine Peace...

Xene apprehensively packs a bag and follows Minos to the dock. "Killing an infernalist seems a strange reading of 'trafficking with the infernal,'" she thinks to herself.

any grogs or companions want to joining?

Minoas, Turb Sergeant Of Polyaigos reporting!

Reads he entered play in 1188, has he been advanced, or just use his stats as is?

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Turulf follows a couple of steps behind Minoas, ready for action, but he leaves the talking to the sergeant.

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Minoas was approved, but we’ve never seen him onscreen so, seems to me, the easy thing to do is just use him as-is and change the date.

Turulf we did see onscreen though in a minor role and he has not been advanced since then, Summer of 1188. While there isn’t much about this on Turulf’s wiki page I believe he came to the covenant after he was sickened by the sack of Thessaloniki in 1185, this being a possible point of contention between Xene and him since Xene is from Thessaloniki but was sent to the Magi shortly before. That said, while the background of the sacking was a piece of the previous adventure Turulf wisely kept his mouth shut about it.

Minoas stays relaxed, taking his cues from the senior magus, but keeping an eye on Xene as well. If he is uneasy , he does not show it, although he does grimace faintly in the presence of both Gifted people (unless Gently Gifted?). Maybe there'll be some heads need busting.

Xene definitely has the standard gift and, far as I am aware, same with Minos. If his was blatant, it would have come up though gentle it may not have.

they are both regularly Gifted
Minos greets both men cordially, and proceeds tp the ship, which heads out for the Monastery of Feminine Peace, explaining as they travel that while it is a bit of a long shot that it will be allowed, he wants to examine the patriarch's body first. Reports are that the patriarch was killed by demons, and between Megehia's reputation and her oath to avenge Justina, someone has filed charges, then realized they didn't really have evidence, and so they have paid Minos a token to investigate.
He explains that in most tribunals things would work very differently, with the quaestors handing out assignments. Even here is something looks like it could be a threat to the order he is morally obligated, and to a lesser degree obligated by the charter of polyaigos, to investigate.
he also explains that since Xene has more of a history with the sisterhood he will allow her to take point on trying to examine the body for signs of how he died, and what origin might be found for any supernatural of magical effects.

During the trip by boat Xene seems distracted. She spends a lot of time alone staring out onto the ocean thinking about her wish for revenge upon the patriarch, attempting to feel compassion for even this foul human who was stealing the health of nuns but this exercise it not as successful as she would hope. She also thinks of Meghia, whether doing the wrong thing for the right reason is acceptable. The question around the accusation is also curious, without enough evidence to instigate a formal investigation her mentor's time was bought. Who was this magus? Are their motives to be trusted? Is this mercenary behavior appropriate for Quaesitors? Does that happen in other Tribunals or is it a strange feature of the Theban Tribunal where the power of Quaesitors has been deprecated, as she solidly believed before, justly to not take power from the assembly?

She is quiet most of the time, aloof in a way that no one who knows her has seen. Normally quite concerned with those around her, concerned for their physical and spiritual well being. When one of the passengers takes ill she does not attempt to tend to him, she doesn't even notice.

Fortunately the passenger was only seasick, and when you arrive at the destination your mentor, protecting you with his parma, gestures for you to take the lead.

Xene approaches the monk or nun who greets them, "Hello [brother/sister], we heard that the Patriarch was killed by a demon and we believe we can help. Would it be possible to examine the body with all due respect, of course, that one so holy deserves?"

[Need a guile roll for that "holy" bit?]

"I assure you the church has the matter of his afterlife well in hand, and how else would you help a man after he has died?"

"Ah, you misunderstand. I do not presume to help him for he is in the hands of God, but, rather the living who may have a demon in their midst, should the stories of his death be true."

The man looks at you lie he cannot believe what he has heard. "You are offering to help the church banish a demon? Who has told you such pernicious stories anyways, that sanctified ground would be disturbed by an infestation of a demonic presence?"

If Minoas can understand this conversation (he speaks Romaic Greek), his eyebrows shoot up and down with every declaration by Xene.

Although he would swear he is the very picture of stoicism, and is ready to bully anyone who disrespects or threatens her.

[Minoas would be able to understand this perfectly, we would be speaking Romaic Greek, good thing about the Byzantine Empire for the next few years is that's pretty much the language spoken here except, perhaps in the ports where other languages would be heard such as Northern Italian (Veneto-Iscari), the language of the Venetians, or Lingua Franca/Sabir (Eastern), the pidgin trade tongue of the Mediterranean.]

“As we are all aware, rituals and tradition are not always the defense against the devil that we wish them to be... sometimes he and his minions have a way of worming themselves into the most unlikely places. Like the Ancient Greeks in their wooden horse, they steal into the house of the Lord hidden in the hearts of men."

[While he is responding to that I Silently and Subtly cast Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe10). Before Aura, my adjusted modifier is +9, total of 16 so I do not lose fatigue if the divine aura is only 1 or 2 but I will lose fatigue if it's greater.]

Turulf takes a step to the side, to be able to see the monk's face clearly, and he studies it curiously. What does he really think? Turulf does not approach, staying at respectful distance behind the magus and his apprentice. Just so that they do not block his line of sight.

The dominion aura here at the threshold of the monastery is 4. The man simply stares at Xene like he cannot believe what he is hearing, then his face changes, as if he has found an answer to what is confusing him, and he slams the door shut in your face, and you can hear him calling out for help on the other side.

[As a player I'm a bit confused by his reaction. Perhaps it's my modern mindset but nothing I said seems odd or off putting to me, Xene might know better. But what information did I get from Sight of the Transparent motive?]