polyaigos summer 1188

Leaning in and whispering again, "None of them had a private consultation with the Patriarch, did they?"

she nods "Mother Cleo did." Mother Cleo was in her mid 40's. "She hasn't been doing well lately."

"Goodness! Poor Mother Cleo. I would very much like to speak to her once more if God wills that she return to his bosom."

She raises one eyebrow. mother Cleo was not a kind gentle woman, but rather someone who spoke her mind and made it very clear to everyone that she had thought Xene was a freeloader and a bad seed. "I can ask and see if she would be willing to see you."

"That would be appreciated, sister."

While you are waiting to hear back, Minos has finished his interview. "Sister Justina seems to be in the clear, unless she is engaging in diabolism to where she can defeat frosty breath of the spoken lie, but she outright denied having anything to do with the Patriarch's longevity, and suggested the effects were from his association with the Divine. Have you found anything out?"

Excitedly Xene begins recounting what she has heard, "Rhea seemed to describe the Patriarch having the Blatant Gift, she said he made her uncomfortable like I do but worse. She also told me he brings sisters and mothers into his chambers in private and when they come out they, her exact words, seem tired. no, not tired, older." Xene is feeling the seductive tendrils of pride and realizes that she must focus on this gift the lord has given her, all things are deigned by him. "But... I was unsure if it meant anything so asked to see Mother Cleo, from Thessaloniki, who was one of the sisters who went to speak with him and has since taken ill... though I am unsure of her exact age before, she was not young when I was at the convent before..."

Minos sits down and considers this "I'm not sure this is our concern anymore. Clearly this is not a threat to the tribunal, nor anyone of the order violating their oath, If some hedge wizard is also the patriarch, well someone might or might not be interested in the join or die aspect, but I don't think it is an issue of the code beyond that."
As he finishes Rhea emerges "Mother Cleo will see you." Minos nods for you to go ahead and talk with her.


Off to the side of the conversation, and blessedly still unnoticed by the participants, Turulf sighed. He had hoped the trip would be eventful, but it seemed as though things would end without any fighting. Maybe, if we stay a while, I can be God's hands on Earth and test the dedication of a nun or two, he thought with a grin.


Xene, continuing to not notice Turulf's lecherous hovering, follows Rhea to see Mother Cleo.


Turulf followed at a respectable distance for as long as he was allowed.


Minoas arrives in time to see Xene part company with Magoi Minos. and frowns when he spots what appears to be one of the sailors trailing her.

"Kyrios Minos, did you ask one of the sailors to keep watch over your apprentice?"

The magi is frowning with concentration rubbinghis forehead and seems mildly distracted by the question "No, I did not, did she ask him to follow?"

"It does not hurt to have someone watch over her, but I shall make certain of it Kyrios."

Minoas gives a Roman style salute and goes to follow what he thinks is a wayward sailor.

Mother Cleo looks much older than what Xene remembered, not so much in her actual appearance but in terms of her health as the mother is bedridden and clearly not doing well. Nor has her attitude improved "Hmm, the leech has returned. Have they rejected you wherever you fled to, that you have come seeking more charity? I suppose we are obligated, from our faith, but I am not obligated to like it. So what is it you want to see me for girl, speak up!"

[I'm assuming we are in a small cell and Turulf probably can not follow us in? If Rhea is still hovering, as I assume, this next bit applies. If not, ignore it.]

"Rhea, might I have some time alone with Mother Cleo?"

[When(if) Rhea leaves:]

"No, Mother, I am not here for charity, like you say," Xene says gently, "I have not been cast out from where The Very Reverend Abbess Eleni sent me, may her soul rest with god." Performing the sign of the cross with a tear in her eye as she thinks of all that has been lost and that she might be reunited with in heaven. "I have come to search for rot in my order but have found it in yours and I believe you might be able to aid me."


Turulf would be hovering outside, eavesdropping on things. Not literally hovering.

Mother Cleo starts to sputter "Oh you think you have have you? You vile ungrateful child, you dare to look down your nose at your betters? To claim to have found corruption amongst those who took you in, clothed you, fed you? You vile, venomous snake! Go, leave me, spawn of satan! Do not cast aspirations on my or my order again, or God will strike you down for your blasphemy!"


At this tirade Xene looks sadly into Mother Cleo's eyes, then closes hers and bows her head in prayer:

"O Glorious Saint Cyprian, filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer, please aid me against the evil unearthed in this house of The Lord, help the believers understand this threat in their home for what it is."

Mother Cleo suddenly calms as a golden light surrounds the two of you. "I think, I think the patriarch enchanted me, somehow. he spoke about Christian charity, and it made sense at the time, but the words were twisted, he was asking me to give up a piece of my life for him. He did some ritual, the names he invoked, I'm not sure, I know they were not saints, or angels, maybe demons." She looks confused, as she clearly still does not trust you