Possible inconsistency

In AM5 Magister in Artibus limits the extra skill points to latin,atres liberales, academic abilities & Teaching. However in A&A the Bacclaureate and Doctor of Faculty/Magister in medicina limit the extra skill points only to latina nd artes liberales, and academic abilities.

I had the impression that these were just differing degrees of the same concept, both The MAgister and Doctor state that you have just finished a mandatory stint of teaching, so was the exclusion of the Teaching ability an oversight? It would almost make sense at the Ba level as you have not had a chance to teach yet...but I would think that if it was at the Magister Level it should also be an option at the Doctor level.

? thoughts?


Yes, excluding Teaching was most likely an oversight. I'd have to check my notes, but at some point in the educational program a student is supposed to start teaching other, younger students. I can't remember now the two types of lectures, regular and extra-that-aren't-really-mandatory (ordinary and extra ordinary, maybe), but a bacclaureate is supposed to teach the extra-that-aren't-really-mandatory lectures. So, include Teaching in the other Social Status Virtues.

Matt Ryan