Potent Magic (Rego variants)

A minor sideline issue from developing the generalist Flambeau school...

Would the following Potent Magic Virtues for various combat applications of Rego be minor or major ?

Potent Magic (damaging Rego spells) ? It includes all Rego spells that indirectly inflict damage by throwing items, both those that are propelled by magic all the way and those that are only given the initial push.

Potent Magic (Rego projectile spells) ? It only includes those spells that propel the item only initially, and thus aren't affected by MR (detailed in HoH: S).

Potent Magic (Wards) ?

Tentatively, I would say Major for Wards, Minor for projectile spells, and I'm uncertain for combat Rego.

I personally tend to avoid naming a specific technique or form in focus subject areas. It may be perfectly valid to do but it just strikes me a being against the spirit of the descriptions of either Major or Minor foci (i.e. more narrow than a specific technique/form (or combo thereof)).

I would, however, deem wards to be a viable as either a Major or minor (difference being the flexibility you lose by doubling, rather than adding twice, the lowest score (subject to principal form score limitation in cases of requisites) when taking it as a minor. For the other two Id say you be better off just taking the Major focus "Damage" and thus maintain the spirit of flexibility your generalist school is based upon.

I understand your naming issues. Then I suppose the field of the Potent Virtue would still be adequately clear if one names it for "throwing" or "projectile" spells, since HoH: S defines the latter quite clearly.

Oh, I know, I know, and I'm still thoroughly persuaded that MMF (Damage) should be the defining Virtue of the school. This is a different topic, about listing other Virtues that might be useful as complements to the school, and therefore likely to be owned by members, too (e.g. by initiation). If you check the description of Focus (damage), you realize it boosts all applications of combat magic but Rego indirect throwing/projectile/telekinetic damage. So I thought some members might develop a Potent Magic in rego projectile spells (or maybe Wards) to complement the Focus in direct damage spells. Just the same way by which Affinity and/or Puissant in Creo and Perdo would useful for combat generalists to have, in addition to the main Focus (damage).

Actually I don't see that claim supported at all by the RAW. Rego attack spells are just as capable of "damaging directly by inflicting a wound or an amount of damage which can be soaked". IMO a Major focus in Damage would cover spells from Cr, Pe, Re Techniques(Mu being a bit dubious but possibly justifiable depending on one's definition of "damage") and An, Aq, Au, Cr, He, Ig, Me and Te. Thats why its such a devastating Major focus.

Agree with boxer on this one.

Ahh, I see. I was giving the Focus a wholly different interpretation, by which attacking someone with a magically-propelled mundane projectile or a mental effect wasn't "direct damage", while an attack spell which created a wound (Perdo) or damaging medium (Creo, Muto) was "direct damage". But I see how your interpretation may have merit, too. So I am puzzled now. :confused:

Other opinions on this, folks ?

I understand exactly how you were interpreting it, I however take the RAW as written by the letter on this. One of my magi in a rl game has used his ReTe Earth Wave spell (his main and only major offensive spell at this point) to quite devastating effect within the saga sometime back. So long as the spell effect dictates the imposition of some amount of damage it is well within the RAW of the MMF:Damage IMO. Believe me there are some extremely deadly Rego spells which can be employed in combat, ask any Tremere :wink:.

As for Mentem, I should think a rules gnome like yourself should have no difficulty seeing that shattering a target's mind can often be even more damaging then killing them outright. Turning an opponent into a gibbering drooling husk essentially ends their life as an independent productive being. Extremely nasty.

Well, I would certainly apply it to Rego spells that need targeting, but not to PeCo spells (which directly create a wound), and certainly not to most mentem spells, if any at all.

Then you arent ruling according to the RAW, Fixer :wink:.

Raw says, any spell that inflicts a wound OR an amount of damage which can be soaked. It says nothing about the necessity of any such spell to require targetting (than many might indeed).

I believe you maybe misunderstood me, I'd apply it to spells requiring targeting. However, it seems indeed that I was wrong and that it does apply to "create a xxxx wound" spells :wink:

Well, it seemed quite obvious to me that it applies to "create a wound" type spells, since it's expressely quoted in the description of the focus.