Potential Change to Alchemy and Magic Item Creation

Hey there all,

So one of the themes that I seem to go back to a lot is that of Mythic Alchemy and Mythic Herbalism in Hedge Magic. Basically I find myself really liking the basic idea of a person using them to create mystical effects on an 'easier' level - mostly for mental stories that are less full blown adventure and more day in the life.

Anyway, while reading through them I noticed that Mythic Herbaism isn't a seasonal activity - rather its a 'spend a number of days equal to one-third the Ease Factor" activity.

The fact that a single day's worth of work can create a base Ease Factor of 3 potion is brilliant to me. (Added that for a master he could increase the ease factor to create more doses while not increasing the time it takes, so that is awesome as well.)

But this then led me down the path of 'Wouldn't it be cool of Mythic Alchemy also was a multiple day activity system'. Of course then I realized that it doesn't use Ease Factors it uses the Level plus modifier system that regular casting does.

And then that led me to the question 'but wouldn't it be cool if Mythic Alchemy also used Ease Factors' which led me to the idea of figuring out how to translate the modifiers and the alterations into an ease factor system. An idea I am working on now.

But then (and this is where the magic item element came from) I had the idea of 'if both mythic herbalism and (through my change) mythic alchemy used a working day method for production then maybe couldn't regular magic item creation as well'. And that opened a whole nother can of worms of a thought process. hehe

Now, even without the last category of idea being implemented, the idea of making it so that mythic alchemy reagents were based on days of labor and not a seasonal activity really appeals to me. As does the idea of expanding the potential list of formulae and reagents.

I also have to say using this element to ease the factor in crafting Superior, Excellent, or Wondrous items is also brilliant to me. This is an element that I don't think is used enough and thus I want to use it more.

Anyway, just wanted to share the thought and see what others might think about it.