Potential Covenant Sites in Iberia

Hey everyone.

A personal project of mine has reached a point where I need to start inventing covenants in Iberia. I’d like to crowdsource possible locations for these covenants.

  • I’m looking for covenant sites other than those already described in the Iberia book.
  • Historic or archeological sites preferred! In other words, making up a location out of whole cloth is less useful to me than pointing me to a site with historic significance or attached folklore.
  • Please give me some links to follow up on, for any historical site you suggest! I like to research!
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At some distant point I want to harvest Becquer for plot hooks. It's not great as a covenant site, but the.singing skeletal monks over on Post a Day are Spanish.

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Almaden is where most of medieval Europe's mercury comes from. It's a huge source of the mineral cinnabar (Mercury sulphide), used as a red pigment and handily turns into mercury and sulphur dioxide when heated in air. It's potentially a vast source of revenue, possibly a source of vis given mercury's importance to alchemists. If you want your order of Hermes to literally become an order of Mercury, this could be a good site.

I was looking up examples of spur castles when I came across the Alcazar of Segovia. It's built on the site of a Roman fortress, was established as a Spanish fort by 1120 after being taken from the Moors. It becomes a royal residence before 1220 though, so would be deeply problematic for magi to still be on-site. (Plus side - roman ruins and a completely defensible position and the chance to speak to royalty! Minus side - so many mundane politics hooks that you might get marched quickly)

I also like to look at a list of Mithras associated sites in Spain for inspiration.


Cadiz is a very old city with lots of history.

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These are all very helpful, thank you!

Oldest city in Western Europe, actually. With cool beaches close, because getting a nice tan between lab season and lab season is cool!

Speaking of oldest-in-western-europe stuff, Tartessos allegedly was the oldest civilization in western europe, but for some reason it just banished (I like to think it collapsed into a huge Regio).

Another interesting place is Rio Tinto, literally a red river. It crosses a place called Niebla, Mist (now that's an evocative name, isn't it?), which by the time is the capital of the Taifa of Niebla.

So more potential places where I can easily imagine covenants, pretty much at random, could be:


Having been to La Ronda, I can definitely see a covenant perched there for the elemental vis.

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