potential new target(books)

this is a new(possible)target for knowlege spells
It give knowledge of the information(possibly a way to duplicate it as well)in the book
tell me what you think!

It breaks the game. I'd veto it.

I concur.

The Mercere section of True Lineages has some nice spells for duplicating books; they're relatively well-balanced in that they require enough vis to discourage casual spellcasting, while still leaving it open as a possability.

A "book" target is Individual. Read the rules.

What the Caster could do is use this target at Range : personal.
He establishes an Arcane Connection to an existing Tome
and transforms himself into an exact
but undamaged copy of the original.
(If the tome is missing any parts or pages ,
these will be blank when transformed)

The Caster may then use a ReIm spell to read and study himself.
Alternatively , he can have someone copy him while he is transformed.