potential skill(not sure if it would fit)

skill name-truespeak
you use this skill to make you spells harder to fight/avoid
basically it works by saying the truename of the object/person you are trying to effect
again I am not sure how to make this fit into ars magica HELP!

It's already addressed, in the Rules. See page 84.

Abe, and Moderators-

... and again, and again. And yet again. And still, every additional request for "HELP!" appears just as clueless as the one before.

Any one of your various questions, each taken individually, are valid and perfectly acceptable, and at times even thought provoking. Yet taken as a whole, in their totality, and adding the fact that no amount of past "help" has seemed to improve your understanding of the rules, they border on spam.

Considering your past efforts, I can't imagine a board littered with what appear to be (and have convincingly been argued are) the "fire and forget" trollings of an idle mind.

Please, use the one thread you have been given, "Abe's Questions", at least for spells and questions that are not specifically Rules Based, so those people who choose to can address them there, and those who don't have a fighting chance to ignore them.

I'm not a mod, I can't tell you to do that, but I'm asking that you do, thanks.

I can't tell him to do that, either. Only the Atlas Crew can. I'll only move messages if asked to, or told to, and remove them if they're obvious spam.

Thank you, and have a good evening...


What surprises me is that abe has not been banned a long time ago, since obviously he has no idea about what he is talking about. he makes generic fantasy posts to see if they fit in the game system, and repeats the same question in several other forums for other games. It is exteremely easy to see the sourcesof his "inspiration" (more like ripoff copyright infringements if those things existed for generic fantasy) as well

I personally find that annoying, and I am under the impression that other posters do as well, but hey. This is why I stoped trying to answer him after some posts. A waste of time, really



Well, if they start banning people for having no idea what they're talking about the internet's forum population will suffer a massive decline...

I can understand why Atlas wouldn't want to ban someone unless he uses abusive language, spams, or so on.


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Chapter One: "The Language of Adam", cover what you are getting at, if I understand your post correctly.

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Does this count as spam?

..It's an advertisement....

Don't bother. He's pretty much stated he won't buy the books or read them.


Not that I necessarily think that would be a bad thing in itself.....