Potions and Charms (NON-Hermetic) - Where?

The topic pretty much says it all. A quick glance at TM:RE turned up Alchemy. but as a Hermetic Virtue.

I'm looking to see if 5th Ed has info yet out on things like Potion and Charm creation by Non-Hermetic sources. Natural Mages I guess?

Any ideas?

Check out the upcoming Ancient Magic book. It has its won thread a few posts down.

Not for fifth edition yet (unless there's some method/power ways to do it in Divine or Infernal that I've forgotten about). Certainly the large quantity of fourth edition stuff could be adapted. I don't susspect that we'll see a great deal of this sort of material in ancient magic either. I believ that ancient magic will be about the big mojo of previous ages - Magic sufficently powerful and different that covenants would spend decades investigating it.

I think we'll see non-hermetic potions and charms for fifth edition in Hedge Magic . I think that we'll see Hedge magic in April or May 2008.