potions / herbalism -- where are the rules?

OK, thanks. I hadn't thought of making recovery potions as charged items, it's a great idea for a group without herbalists (and combat-prone) such as mine. I had used D: Moon recovery effects with Extended Magic, but I think this is better...


I'm a little confused by the Mythic Herbalism chart -- HoH:S, pg 125.

What's with the different Ease Factors for poisons? It's the same ease factor (9) for causing a medium wound as for death?!? I presume this is a typo, but can't find any info in the Errata. Am I missing something?

The ease factor of 9 is for RESISTING the poison. :slight_smile: And yes, in that case you resist rolling the same.

HOWEVER; when you BREW the potion (poison) the ease factor is quite different: 9 for a medium would and 18 for a poison able to cause death. This increases to +21 for the death-dealing spell if it needs to be a contact poison. THe target would still resist the ill effects of the poison with a stamina roll of 9+

Does that answer your question?

I would like to add one thing...
One potion/charged hermetic item can be brewed with compounds taht grant some very high form bonus, and the A&A rules can help very too to that, for example the substance can be purified to the extreme and so on with common alchemy, and with Apothecary you canhave the sustance by yourself. Again, probably enchant one Theriac or Reagent is not so difficult or unthinkable.

Ah, perfect. Thank you!