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So, it's technically NOT a Harry Potter movie, which she promised she wouldn't be making any more of. But it's from the Harry Potter universe, which is...bleh.

Don't get me wrong - the movies were good and the books were great. But really? How much freaking money does this chick need? And are that many people really clamoring for anything related to HP that she has to take one of the books within the book and turn it into a movie? Why not just do Beedle the Bard?


It's probably not about J.K. Rowling - it's about Warner Brothers. Harry Potter was one of their major tentpoles (along with Batman). Now that both of those are no longer pumping out cash, they're looking for ways to extend their franchises. That's likely why WB is finally putting out a "Legend of the Word's Finest" movie as well (ie, Batman/Superman in the same film.)

Well, I have to say, if it weren't for Harry Potter, I probably wouldn't be playing Ars Magica now. It was a snowy cold weekend, ABC Family had a Harry Potter weekend as they are wont to do. My daughter and I settled in for the marathon of the first four movies. The faux Latin, Platform 9 and 3/4 is a regio, Hogwarts has to be in a regio, too, with nearby Hogsmeade also in a regio. Well, it made me all think of Ars Magica, and how much fun I had with it back in 1993 and 3rd Edition.

Found the forum, and joined a few days later.

Given that the Facebook post announcing the movie deal has 1.9 million "likes," I would say there's definitely an audience there. :slight_smile:

Whether it's "milking the franchise" or "serving the fans" is in the eye of the beholder, to some extent. I'll reserve judgment until I see the new movie. But, given Hollywood's penchant for ruining a good franchise with bad sequels, Scarecrow71's reservations make some sense to me.

I just want to echo Jonathan's love for the Potterverse and its influence on my Ars. I wrote up a Potter hack for True20 back in the day, and worked on an Ars game set at Oxford which certainly owed a lot to Hogwarts. Now I have finally got to run an apprentice saga and its enormous fun.