Pranks, Jokes and Other Pasttimes of Bored Magi

In the discussion of creating a level 50 spell that simply made everyone hear thunder...

I do enjoy that ArM has wizards puttering around in towers and such but I think there is often too much of an emphasis on scholarly pursuits and such. I've been kicking around some funny things for magi to do and that thread (MutoImaginem Exploit)(coupled with a long boring meeting) resulted in this addition to my homebrew setting for ArM

(I shall refer to it as the Thunder Ruling!)

And now, what are some all-time pranks that can be perpetrated by magi? Points for creativity and originality... after all, if anyone can be turned into a pig, a true artist would need to really go the extra mile.

In 674, Aescan ex Flambeau was detained by city authorities after multiple complaints of nudity. It was determined, through his own inspired investigation, that his favorite pair of robes had been enchanted with a transparency effect triggered by the light of the sun. The effect, similar to the one-way window effect perfected by siege-magi, revealed him to be nude whenever he was out in broad daylight.
(Basically the Tremere spell from HOH:TL that allowed a one-way window through a wall except with an Herbam form. Since the alteration simply transformed the species emitted by his clothes, his PM would keep him from viewing the overall effect. Unfortunately, the effect would register on mundanes without PM.)

Erm, not! Imaginem affects the emission but the species are non-magical. Otherwise you would need to drop PM to see through using the HoH:TL spell you mention (or have a very high penetration).

The Order of Odin.

Not so much a "prank", but it could go in that direction if toned down to a different scale...

Two magi were feuding. Wiz's War had been declared, but the latest duration lapsed. One of the opponents had an obsession with magical animals, of all sorts. During this "cease fire", the other magi shrunk a trio of sea-serpents, Duration:Moon, and had them delivered (by way of one of the target's normal connections), along with something far more interesting than "tiny magical aquatic lizards in a wooden cage". A new WW was declared - and when the full moon hit, the shrinking spell on the trio lapsed... hijinks and hilarity ensued.

Something like this with, say... a badger, in the pocket of a Flambeau, with a duration of only Sun - now that's comedy. :laughing:

Yeah, further thinking revealed the same flaw... When I get some time (or a meeting where I can access my books :smiley: ) I'll figure it out. I know it has something to do with the Jerbiton part of Societates melded with that Tremere spell.

This started out as two apprentices playing pranks on each other.

The first of the apprentices got himself an arcane connection to the other and used it for petty mischief (burping spells, sudden sex changes, creating arousal...)
The other apprentice quietly swapped the arcane connection to himself leaving behind a connection to the first apprentice's parens.

This is how the parentes became involved (at least one of them must have been a Tytalus).

A usual trick is to have nearby objects do things to magi. Animating his clothes or his stool. hardly ever results in real damage, but can be quite annoying.

Waking up to find your head on "illusory) fire might also be a prank. Make everybody forget for duration Sun that they know you might also work. And certainly make all the animals in the covenant want to mate you is a nice prank


Another thing that this helps with is thinking about getting past Parma... take your classic joke, add Hermetics, sit back and enjoy.

-Bucket of Water affected by Maintained Curse of the Rotted Wood (disintegrates bucket, drops water on magi head).
-Low-level Curse of Ravenous Swarm (Target: Room)(non-dangerous bugs) installed in magus' privy causes it to be infested with mosquitos.
-Cast a spell to make something the magus eats exude ink...

(My dad has just had some rather... personal hospital tests done. You said "stool"...) :laughing: :blush: :laughing: