Praying for a Miracle without True Faith

RoP:D, p.60 has optional rules for praying for Miracles with effects in line with some Holy Power use.
A character needs to spend a Faith Point (e.g. from a Relic, or from a Sacrament), and then rolls
True Faith Score + Concentration + Aura + stress die trying to match the level of the Holy Power effect.

The catch is that the text goes on to say that "if you have no True Faith Score, you just add the
Aura" to the roll. Does this mean that, in the absence of True Faith, one rolls
a) stress die + Aura or
b) stress die + Concentration + Aura?

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As written it means you roll stress die + Aura, if you don't have a True Faith score.
I suspect the intention was that you'd roll stress die + Concentration + Aura in that case, but that's just a guess, and is not what the text says.


I think stress die + aura.

If I've built a holy character, I'd be pretty annoyed if I didn't get at least a +3 on the dice, next to just someone who prays.

The concentration kicker is what spending the faith point gives.

There is another - easier and more fitting - way to Miracles for characters without True Faith and without the resulting direct connection to the Divine.
It is imploring a Saint to provide that connection and work a Miracle typical for them. Christian Characters can build up Devotion Abilities to specific Saints and thus have better chances to implore help from them.
This is also the usual way to implore Divine help in the middle ages both for kings and for beggars.