Pre-columbian Titanomachia/Gigantomachia

Does anyone know of any resources for parallels to the titanomachy in precolumbian societies? My campaign (in icleland) might wander over tovinland and places south, and the differences might be due to a different outcome to that struggle, but I would like some real-world background (I am already reading 1491 by C. Mann but want to know if there were other sources)


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There are legends of the Allegewi, but you do realize that the Norse abandoned vinland in approximately 1030, certainly before 1075... later voyages to try to find Vinland all went missing.

oh yeah. 'Vinland' means find out what happened to vinland.

There are Nahua creation myths that claim the world has seen five cycles of creation and destruction. It's ... fairly complicated, but it features gods fighting gods, people being eradicated more than one time, natural disasters, etc. .

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