Precise destruction - A Major Magical Focus

Inspired by another thread, I've been thinking of a highly thematic use for Major Magical Focus, which would cover a very precise or almost surgical use of perdo. Mechanically, I am wondering if Major Magical Focus (Perdo, with only Ind or Part as a target) is viable? Or would that also be too viable?

So this would cover, for example:
Damage spells with targets part/ind
Undoing the fabric form
Invocation of weariness
Destroying the leg of a dining table

It would not cover:
Balls of Abysmal flame (destruction but not through Perdo)
Any sort of damage spells that target several "objects", a structure, boundry, or so on...
Wind of Mundane Silence (room target, so not covered)
Harming several people
Rotting the wood on several incoming arrows/projectiles/etc

That sounds really unfocused at the moment to be a focus. It seems like that covers nearly all the Perdo spells in the books, which is too broad. Your original description sounds good: precise, surgical use of Perdo. But the examples don't make me think of that.


If it was part only I could think about it. When you tag Individual in the potential list of Targets, not anymore. It is not previse destruction at all.

For what you say, it might be worthy to look at Rego instead. Precise cutting means Rego to me.

Same here.