Prelude of Brass: Plea of the Prince

I'm hoping to have Bashir teach Lucas some non-magical healing and inspire him to learn some magical healing.
Ah, okay, that makes sense then. But Lucas does have some healing magic already.

  • Carmen knows CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Aesclepius. It is not on her sheet yet, but in the Contributions thread I have it planned out for her to have learned a level 30 Watching ward and also invented two rituals, one to create a spring and another to create a massive yet natural thunderstorm, and placed these in Watching Ward Items.
  • Solomon knows CrCo20r Chirgeon's Healing Touch
  • Vocis knows CrCo10 Bind Wounds
  • Vulcanus knows CrCo10 Bind Wounds and CrCo20r Chirgeon's Healing Touch
  • Roberto knows CrCo20 Purification of the Festering Wound and CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Asclepius
  • Fleur knows the original spells of CrCo20r Touch of the Moderated Wound and CrCo30 Assurance of the Eased Recovery
  • Lucas knows knows CrCo10 Bind Wounds and CrCo20r Chirgeon's Healing Touch

Doign this with Gentle Caress of Aesclepius seems like the best thing do do, even from a cost-effective standpoint.
We just need to decide how many time we're willing and/or able to spend 6 pawns of vim vis and 6 corpus ones :-/

Vibria: [color=red]" mean I can use magic to un-damage people?!?" :laughing: (yes, that was ooc humour)

But seriously...she needs to learn some Healing Magic someday.

What does Touch of the Moderated Wound do? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

It's an original spell in Fleur's character thread.

Isn't that the same as what Chirurgeon's Healing Touch does under the revised healing rules, i.e., improve a wound by one level?

Yes, it is the same spell. In ArM5, you do not learn spells other than being directly taught by another magus. In the lab, all spells are new inventions, even the ones from Lab Texts merely aid you in repeating an experiment. Sigils vary and such. You can rename the spell whatever you want, you can invent an original spell that is virtually identical to an existing spell, but you did it on your own without text or guidance, so it is still original.

As for Gentle Caress of Aesclepius, I might point out that Roberto is the only one who has that spell Mastered, and thus has less chance of botching. I'll roll them all out for you. How many am I going for?

Well, that depends on how many vis we're willing and able to put into this.
I don't think we'll really need that many potions. Unless it's an emergency, I can evacuate any wounded at the covenant. And should too many people be wounded without us being able to wait for an evac... We're toast anyway.
Since we have no treasurer currently, I think we shall have to discuss it with the council, but I think 2 should do. That's already 24 pawns of vis, after all.

((Carmen is the Treasurer))

I have decided that it would be best for us to launch the expedition in Autumn 1235, giving us Spring and Summer to finish up what we need to get done. No More story tangents for the year 1234.


No frownies!
There have been unforseen complications and cool story tid-bits to fit in. CoB will be played out soon, very soon.

In Spring of 1234, Solomon created three versions of Strip the Magic Away, a standard Magic Might stripper, at levels 2, 10 and 15. Since we now have a couple of more seasons, would anyone be interested in him spending Spring of 1235 writing up those lab texts (and others up to 100 levels) so they can be learned from in Summer of 1235 before the City of Brass adventure?

Actually, it would be a good idea for everyone to write up a grimoire of their spells, especially focusing on spells we do not have in our library already.

You mean something like this?

Something. You need to spend a season writing out some of these Lab Texts so that others can use them. Focus on your unique spells and others we don't have copies of. But some duplicates will be unavoidable.

I am ready to get started on this again. I will need one of you (PoB) to create an organized list of participants.
We may need to push this over one or two more seasons so Vibria and Roberto can heal up, but I am willing to fast forward that.

I agree, but my question was whether it was worthwhile for Solomon to do it before the City of Brass adventure. If it would save someone a season for inventing a magic might stripper then he'll probably do it, but if not, he can use that season to make himself more useful in the adventure.

Oh, and I'm going out of town on vacation all next week, so I probably won't be able to get to this until I get back.

That is fine, just as long as we know it is in process and moving forward. I will put of concerns about this until next week then :smiley: