Prelude: Onesiphorus Ex Verditius

Onesiphorus looked at the caravan assembled outside of Oculus Septentrionalis, his laboratory, studio and everything else where loaded onto two carts. The men assembled to guard and drive the caravan are paid mercenaries, not to be trusted but then only these kinds of men wishes to work for Onesiphorus.

The rain begun to fall and Onesiphorus cast the ward against rain to protect him from the cold drops falling from above. He looked at the mercenary captain and asked if they where ready to leave. The man nodded and gave order for the caravan to move. The horse under Onesiphorus begun to move, his gentle gift allowed him to ride a horse but it where nothing that he liked about it but then he could neither walk like a peasant nor leave his magical treasures in the hands of men who where not to be trusted.

Later that day and close to night fall the party approached the inn where they intended to stay the night. Onesiphorus instructed the men to drag the carts into the stable and took one final round to inspect the carts before his made sure to carve of a bit of wood when no one where looking. Then he instructed the captain to post guards and walked inside.

Once inside he sent forth his servant to make sure that the innkeepers dropped everything at hand to prepare their best room and food for him. As he waited he looked around the room and noticed that it where filled with filthy peasants and poor traders and drew the conclusion that his own stylish garment where in a stark contrast to the drab colours of the mundanes.

Later on after enjoying the meal and the company of one of the barmaids Onesiphorus used his arcane connection to the cart to cast the ear of distant voices to make sure that his carts where safe from harm.

Nothing is tampered with on the cart, and the rest of the journey to Mont Beuvray goes without incident. Apollodorus and Reynault greet you upon your arrival. Your grogs are shown to the outbuilding immediately across from the manor house, and Apollodorus has a plate of cheese, meat and fruit along with a glass of wine waiting for you in his parlour inside the manor house.

(OOC: this can be as drawn out as you like. I had thought I posted this note.)