Preparing for the new Saga: Aquitaine.

Well, a week until the first meeting to finalize the Covenant and then perhaps play a small intro adventure, courtesy of Sub Rosa #3.

I'm setting the game in Aquitaine. The mages live in a near summer covenant courtesy of either an NPC or Companion who is a noble and a relative of the Jerbiton maga.

The Jerbiton maga was married to a knight who is currently away on crusade. It is expected that he will return as part of her story.

SO, a few questions as I assume many folks have run sagas set in medieval France and its environs.

  1. What did a knight typically do with his lands and so on when he left on crusade? Was it left to his wife? Other kin? Who took care of business?

  2. I'm interested in small castles. I think a manor house might be too small for the group assembled, but the 'siegneurial castle' seems ideal. Anyone know of any information on such castles, and their relation to the larger picture of nobility?

  3. If you consider a saga as if it were an overseas holiday - as one who has returned from such a saga, what 'must see' bits of story or quintessential background items do you think someone preparing to embark on a similar journey might want to be aware of?

We plan on hitting upon the Cathar Heresy and Albingensian Crusade, and will be moving history a bit to make it hit a bit closer to the mages then is historically accurate.

So, if I might beg your indulgence, please throw any interesting bits, stories, or past experiences in my general direction!


It varies, a trusted family member or steward could manage it. It could also be left in the hands of his overlord to manage on his behalf. An important thing to remember is that it was considered very bad manners to take advantage of crusaders and steal from their estates or harass their families while they were away (although that didn't stop all attempts by a long way). I believe it was technically grounds for excommunication to do so. On those grounds the jerbiton maga should have some protection amongst honourable nobles out of respect for the husbands oaths.

Not on the subject but probably of interest is that there was a French law requiring all peasants to assist in the maintenance of the stronghold nearest to them, as part of their feudal obligations. You can get mass labour unpaid for unskilled jobs like that, conversly if the stronghold isn't maintained properly then the king might order it's fortifications pulled down.

If there is a decent steward, him or the wife is first choice depending on specific situation, but as mentioned also whoever the land owes fealty to would be fairly normal and last choice would be another family member.

Aquitaine? This is my place :laughing: