Presentation and help

Hello I am new here and present myself.

I'm quite a newbie, played once at 3rd edition ( but even the master was lost) and i'm playing again at 5th now. I'm ejoying a lot that game and i feel happy to find people that still playing it. Well, I hope we can meet often here. :smiley:

Regarding to help (the funny/interesting part of all posts):
I've been reading post for a while just to don't ask questions allready answered, but i found average information, and very dispersed. :confused:

Im creating a magus Rego specialist ment to be a kind of "troupe bodyguard" and I'm quite stuck on spell choosing. I wanted to have the "Leap of homecoming" and if i can modify it to Touch. But i whould like to be "prepared" to almost anything. So i ask some help/directions/ideas of usefull spells (specially low level for posible necesary penetration). No much (or none) space for virtues left.

-skilled parens
-Faerie raised
-Lightning reflexes
-Quiet & subtle magic

Per 1
Sta 3
Qik 2

Re 20
Forms all: 1 (possibillity of 2)

finesse 2
parma 2
penetration 2
MT 2

20 px left
I'v been thinking on call to slumber, wards, repel of wooden staff,

thank you very much in advance for everything. :slight_smile: :mrgreen: i will contunue my research


Hello !

First off, you haven't noted them, but if you want to be a Rego specialist you really should look at the Affinity with Rego and Puissant Rego virtues. Each would be worth about 50xp in getting to that lvl 20 in Rego, and will only get better once you get more xp in game. So look at them and try to fit them in.

Next, you have probably overspecialized in Rego. Granted, to get that second level in all Forms is the same as getting a level 20 in Rego (which means it's actually better, since it carries over to the other techniques), but the point is that your character should probably put more xp in one or two Forms at creation, and bring up the rest later. At the moment he can learn spells up to Int+27 level in Rego (assuming he specializes MT in Rego), so 30 if you managed to get Int +3. But there's simply no way he can learn spell that high in all Forms, since he has only 150 spell levels total ! So, choose one or two Forms and get them to level 5 or 6, drop the others, in fact you probably should drop a few points off Rego and put them in those Forms too. You should still be able to learn level 20 spells in any Rego Form, combination, and that way you can get your level 35 Leap of Homecoming, perhaps even the level 40 Touch version.

Finally, regarding lower level spells: you can get a lower teleport version, and it will still work (within its range) to teleport you to an Arcane Connection you have (reread the text for Seven-League Stride). So if you did not manage to get your Arts high enough, that's a start anyway.
Other useful Rego spells, with emphasis on low level:
ReAq 5 Cloak of Duck's Feather or ReAu 10 Ward Against Rain
ReCo 10 Rise of the Feathered Body or ReCo 15 Lifting the Dangling Puppet
ReIm 10 Wizard's Sidestep
ReMe 10 The Call to Slumber, great combat spell against mundanes
ReVi General Aegis of the Hearth. Every troupe needs someone with it.
ReVi General Cicurlar Ward against Demons, or better its variants against Magic and Faerie. Remember that you can rewrite the spells as Touch/Sun/Ind instead of circular wards, with the same level. You'll need to penetrate, so learn them at level 10 or 15.

You don't have any Intelligence bonus. As noted in the Jerbiton House (HoH:S p55), magi rarely take an apprentice near average unless that child has some special advantage such as Gentle Gift. I would say Int+2 is a minimum.

It is not recommended to start with an Art above 10, but finding a good Rego book later on might be a pain. Affinity with Rego is a must and that would reduce your Art cost to 140 xp, still very high. Puissant Rego could be acquired later.

Abilities are much harder to improve than Arts. Latin 4 + MT 3 + AL 1 + PM 1 = 90 xp is the absolute minimum otherwise your future will be a world of pain. You must be able to read summae to improve your Arts effectively and you don't want to gimp your laboratory.

Faerie Upbringing only adds Faerie Lore to your childhood Ablities. You need at least 45 points there, more like 60 since no magus would take you as an apprentice before you turn 8 (see 1st point).

I will stop there, but I suggest you look at the characters of the PbP campaigns at the top forum for further inspiration.

Another thing to look out for is that Parma Magica is capped at 1 at gauntlet (I assume the character is newly gauntletted?) The only way to get it to have an effective level higher than that is to take Puissant Parma Magica, which might be worth considering if the magus is meant to be combat focussed.

What house is your character?

I think you'll have difficulty making a magus capable of casting ReCo 35, and even more ReCo 40 at gauntlet without an appropriate focus. It should be possible to get a minor one that applies - Transportation is one possibility. You need to be aware that the level 40 spell will warp the recipient every time it's used on them, though (Leap of Homecoming only doesn't because it's a personal range spell, and you don't get the warping from a powerful mystical effect if you're the caster).

thank you very much, endeed rego affinity its taken 140+70=210 => Re 20

Thannnks!!!! i was thinking on wizards sidestep. Need i to choose a lvl for the aegis? or can i change during the saga? thank you very much, open to further ideas

thank you, the magus begins 1 or 2 years after gaunlet so i will dedicate those "free" seasons to... ยฟยกParma!?
for sure will be great but feeling so sorry about it... i have no much space for another aff... having already problems to fit a saga px booster
Well if you have the option to choose betwen die or 1 WP the answer is kind of easy... anyway, will not be a usual resource... i spect. Thank you for the advice i will remember.

the aprentice is part of a faerie deal. trick or deal. :smiley:

In this saga wouldnt be much time for labs (near none, at least soon). But i have allready a grog that is going (will him or not) to teach me latin and AL then find any sumae of lvl 3+ shouldn't be a major isue (I hope, i hope, i hope!) Thanks for noticing that, i will have on mind when i ever create a new char.

Ahhh, i wrote faerie raised (magic), not faerie upbringing (that it also have). The cool major virtue HoH: MC 86 with spell improvisation included. that is why i want/need such hi specialization. For the price of one average mastery i can have a simillar spell, and so on

Thanks to everybody! you are so great. Any ideas (spells? :smiley: ) are wellcome.

Ah, Faerie-Raised Magic. That is pretty cool and is a good reason to take you as apprentice too.

HoH:TL has Realm-Aligned spells, which might interest you.

Maybe, but told you... a deal with a powerfull faerie use to be enough reason (if you have any expectations of return to the area ruled by) to take an aprentice. I know not much of the game , but pretty of medieval faeries, beliving and traditions... :mrgreen: so i added to the history.

According to the realm-aligned, can i learn from bonisagui? instead of breakthoughing.... may i invent spells realm aligned with faerie raised magic???? :open_mouth: best of all they are not virtues :smiley:

I'd say:

  • Take a minor focus. They're too good a deal to pass over. This also helps you to define what your magus is good at.
  • You should really take those minimum Latin and Magic theory scores. Not only for verisimilitude, but also because it'll save you some time later.
  • Unless you want to be the "transport" magus, don't focus yet on Leap of Homecoming. It may come later. It seems you're so focused on this that you've sucked all your XP into Rego. Relax :wink: Note that Rego 13 + Corpus 13 is cheaper than Rego 24 + Corpus 2 (and that Rego 24 is... Not very believable for someone out of apprenticeship).
  • Don't forget abilities. Artes Liberales and Philosophiae, in particular, can quite help with ceremonial spontaneous spells. Awareness is useful for counterspells. Even Brawl can save your life versus an Invisible Sling of Vilano. Or a sword.
  • If you want to be the troupe bodyguard, invest on defensive spells. Ward against Heat and Flames, Shriek of the Impending Shaft (or something like this), Doublet of Impenetrable skill. Figure how your magus can be wounded, and how he might defend against that.
  • Bodyguard? Bind Wounds. Endurance of the Berserkers. And these are Corpus spells, so that's good for you.
  • Chose one or two form in which to specialise, related to your focus. I'd say Corpus and ? depends on your preferences. Mentem? Works well with Rego.
  • If you plan to face creatures of might, you should either invest in a good Te+Form (PeVi might strippers are very powerful) or in something like "Invisible Sling of Vilano"

And probably my best advice: Look at the campains on these forums. Lots or inspiration there for a starting magus. Beware that these may use houserules, though.
For a start, in my signature, look at the Novus Mane characters.

Thanks for your hints!

I was hard thinking on ward against fire... and even in that one that keeps you warm/cool mimic a faerie power.

In points i have 300 xp split by now half and half Arts and habilities.
Re/Fo 21 150px

1:Infernal lore
2:awarenes, stealth, atletics, survival, Magic theory, finesse, penetration,parma
3:code of hermes lore, faerie lore
150+45 px
Are those that fits the char's story

Artes liberales and latin will come with time, if available. Its a kind of personal choose to have a illiterate, because the char really wants to learn but had no oportunity. endeed one grog is a lecherous cleric that is suposed to teach him. A bit emotive story. But to allow him to study needs to survive XD