Presentiments: a thread for character background play.

Madam I don’t loot the dead, that is beneath me. I rather walk in bare feet than takes something from the dead. Who are you and what is your interest in me? How is it that you know the location of a long dead corpse half buried in the murky soil?

"Oh, I saw them kill him. Very bloody business, but they were very happy afterward. I take it you still want the silver for the fair? You'll get it, but nothing comes from nowhere, Karl. Everything used to belong to someone else."

I do what I need to do in order to earn my living. I earn my by the craft of my hands or the wit of my mind and not by looting the dead or preying on the weak. Despite of this you haven’t answered my question. What interest do you have in me and who are you?

"There's a power in names, particularly for one who claims he is to become a great wizard. I think I will decline to answer with a name. As to my interest, well, are you not the child that will become one of the greatest wizards in Chriustendom, by his own estimation? How could I not be interested in you? You will be part of the great events in the Baltic, that will change the way men live forever, perhaps. Or perhaps not. Surely that's worth a moment of conversation?"

Please tell me more about my future if you know. Karl seems rather exited about possible knowledge of what that is to come. How do you know about those events that you tell me about? What do you know about my future? Even if you can’t tell me your name perhaps you could give me a clue of who you are. Are a wizard yourself?

"No, I'm not a wizard, and I know about these events because you yourself told me of them, when we first met. You'll be a great magus, you say. Well, great events make great magi. You must be in Lubeck, when the time comes. Such is the very nature of the boast you've made. It all follows from your desires: you will make this future for yourself. I need not predict anything."

I will try to get to Lübeck as fast as I can one I get the chance if that is where my destiny will unfold. If you say that you are no wizard then I shall believe you but somehow you don’t strike me as a mere travelling pilgrim. Please tell me something of who you are? After all I have told you something’s about me and then it is only fair that I know a few things about you.

"That's true. Fair is fair, and you declined my first gift.

I have been known as the Green Lady. I want what's best for you. I want what's best for all of you. I want what's best for every one of all of you.

There's no need to rush: you won't be needed until you are a magus. And you'll still need boots, and bread, and silver for the fair. Goodbye, Karl. I will know you now, even with a new name."

She turns and begins to leave.

As the green lady leaves Karl stare at her figure and asks. Will I meet you again? Will you answer more of my questions? If she doesn’t give any response Karl joins the other pilgrims and sits down to eat and talk to them about trivial things that concerns travellers of these roads.

She does answer, but its brief. She says "I'm almost inevitable." and then she leaves.

Karl sits down at the other pilgrims and joins them for some light conversation and probably some eating. Telling them about the grisly remains found and the excavation of them.

And there we wrap Karl's memories of when he first became aware of the covenant.


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(Some time earlier...)

He looked out from the edge of the forest at the bridge, the foot traffic over it, and the boat traffic below, and considered his options.

To enter mundanely, or wait until night and see what that brings...

He could see the road, and the traffic along it, and where it entered the forest that hid him, quite a bit away from the fields he now peered across. He looked at the sun, still high enough in the mid-afternoon sky, and dismissed the idea of delay.

It's been a long journey, and I could use a warm bed without fear of what surprises The Gift might bring... Swive the challenge, I need a sanctuary...

With a flicker of his hands, his appearance melted into that of a much older man, a bit broken by time, and, the staff that brought him here still in hand (just in case...), he began, with an exaggerated limp, toward the town of Lubeck, thinking of the journey and choices, and unforeseen events, that had brought him to this place, at this time...

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