Presentiments: Iohannes

"You work in wood! Have you ever considered.... larger pieces?"

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Did you have anything particular in mind? What larger pieces are you referring to? Shipbuilding perhaps? I haven’t yet learned the secrets of constructing magical structures but that is a mystery that I would want to learn. I have though a repertoire of magical furniture that could be interesting for a magus travelling per sea. Perhaps a closet that doesn’t tip over it’s contest even in heavy weather or barrels that hold waters.

"I was thinking about shipbuilding, but only in the vaguest sense. I don't know much about the full potential of Verditius' magic, let alone how best to use it.

"But... this isn't a project for today, this year, or maybe even this decade. I'm thinking long-term, maybe fifty years. Allow me to give you a tour of the "Sanctum Mysterium" in the morning, when you have light enough to see everything. I don't know if you've ever been aboard a ship, but the "Sanctum Mysterium" is one of the best in these waters, and might show something of the scope available to a master of wood and enchantment."

Iohannes grins. "I'm here less than an hour, and I'm already talking about ships."

And I am talking business. Titius grins as well. It would be interesting to see your ship some time.

My apologies , My name is Theodora Ex Miscallanae , I have been onboard very few ships and would be most interested in seeing yours . Although I doubt my magic would be of much help with ships. Although it seems Titius would be much more interested in such things perhaps a magical figurehead or somesuch would be an interestng artistic challange for a master woodworker.

"You're welcome aboard, Theodora. Most welcome." He pauses, in appraisal. "Your magic might not help much with ships, but perhaps not, and there may be something I will be able to do for you. It all comes out to the same thing, in the end.

"Are the two faerie women I met at the dock associated with this covenant?"

Two faerie women? Never have I heard of such creatures being associated with this covenant. Have you Theodora? Tell us more about what you saw.

Iohannes describes the two women that Timothy described:

He concludes, "But I might be jumping to conclusions."

You may well be jumping to conclusions, although from your description there is something very odd about them. I would not think of faeries first in a city like Lubeck the possibility of Ghosts seems much more likely. I have not seen them myself. From your description they seemed to be ignored by the locals perhaps only you can see them ? I beleive most of those with faerie blood can see spirits and other unnusual manifestations of nature.

"Ghosts." Iohannes considers. "Maybe."

I believe that it is a wild goose chase to try hunting for those ghosts, fae or whatever creatures they are. We see if they return and are near our covenant in any way. If they cause troble we act upon that.

I agree a search of the city for ghosts would be somewhat complciated and produce rather more ghosts than we really want to find. Should they show a persistent intrest in Iohennes or the covenant we can investigate. I should be able to deal with most such issues

"I think you're right."

[If one of you wants to show him around, go right ahead. Spot my "covenant design thread by stealth" thread, here.)

I suppose that we'll have a better idea of what Iohannes sees when we know it ourselves. :slight_smile:

Make it up: it's a collaborative game. Add stuff! 8)

I haven't been here that long but I can show you some of the covenant (Notice my cop out). You have already seen the Dock and Warehouse besides that we have the old mansion , dissapointingly it does not seem to be haunted and has a dominion aura so it's not a place I spend a lot of time except for covenant meetings although the cook is good and the food better than eating down in the tunnels, Titius can probably show you that better than me.
She turns to lead the group down into the catacombs, "Some of these tunnels seem to be quite old possiblybefore the covenant however most of them where dug out by Hermetic magic. I have my sanctum down here" I haven't found anything aprticularly interesting down here yet but we do have one of our minor vis sites down here underneath several of the inns near the docks.
The main tunnels lead out under the estuary to our main vis site , my sancta is down this side passage " she indicates a side tunnel about half way down the tunnel @
" I prefer to meet visitors back in the main buildings but it does have a sea opening. The main reason for these tunnels is this Big Fsih skeleton we have down here from which we gather our vis. I don't know if there are any more around or old it is but if you see any whenyou are sailing let me know. As you can see the ward around here is good work the lab notes on it are in the covenant library although I doubt any of us can replicate it yet"

The tunnels are aren’t much to look at for the moment, Titius fills in right after Theodora. They are quite damp, dark and unhealthy but that is nothing that a bit of magic could fix. I must say that I am a bit confused about why this hasn’t been done earlier. I have my studio rather deep down within the system where the aura is stronger. By stronger I mean that isn’t quenched by the dominion. I think I have managed to claim a rather large area for a laboratory but there are some other chambers available. There are quite a lot of cambers and tunnels some not explored by our generation of magi. Where would you prefer to have your laboratory set up? I heard that there exist some lacunas within the city.