primary atributes

ok noob question:

Just got the book and was looking for the rules on how much xp it is to increase a primary atribute (chi), I looked all through the Xp section but it dosn't seem to be there.

Could someone direct me to a page, or confirm that I'm blind.

[color=darkblue]Page 184 (Daedalus edition) under "Benefits of Attunement". If you have the Atlas edition, the page number may be off by a few, but the heading should be the same.

It's confusing that it's not in the "Spending XP" column directly before it, where every other xp expenditure is laid out, or even bold faced like those, but it is tucked away in there. I can't count the number of times I've had to flip through the book furiously for ten minutes looking for it, also, before I remember where it is.

It's on page 161 of the Atlas edition. I, too, have had trouble finding that rule in the past.