Priory of St Nerius and Criamon Paths

Just wondering if anyone had used the Holy Magi rules in RoP: Divine yet for a Criamon magus?

In some respects, the usual Criamon Stations and Paths would seem to fit nicely for a Mystery Path within House Criamon, but I'm not sure how well the Christian ethic meshes with the Empedoclean philosophy of the House.

Granted, Sufi mysticism combines nicely in the Path of Walking Backwards but then Empedocles is regarded as a Sufi heirophant in some sects IIRC so that seems more logical.

The link between Nerius and the current incarnation of Criamon is less clear, possibly due to clashes between editions - Nerusians first made an appearance in the oft maligned White Wolf Pax Dei and RoP: Divine was written before Timothy's ArM5 conception of Criamon.

Can anyone see a way of reconciling this? - it looks like otherwise Nerusian Criamon are those that have left any formal Path of the House ie. Wandering Path and thus don't develop stigmata or Enigmatic Wisdom further.



Several paths are deliberately not detailed, and the rules say as much. Indeed, some paths lack any living practitioners, or only have practitioners who are far from the Order.

Which is to say, all you need to do is say that Christ the Redeemer is an Uncreated Being andthus comes from outside time and therefore by being a faithful Christian you escape the trap of Creation.

Which is basic Manicheanism...really, and is a Cool Thing.

Thanks Timothy - I think this clears this up a bit, but I'll have to go back over that particular Criamon section again - it's dense. Every time I read it though, I get another possibility...

Perhaps the Nerusians have headed out along the Silk Road, eh?