Problem with Covenants

I find it odd that Covenants does not give any rules for a Covenant with an aura of less than 3 overall, while GotF has all of its covenant starter sites with an Aura of 2.

I'm thinking of asking the Alterego folks if they can add some sort of aura decreasing option in there.



There's the Weak Aura Hook (which appears to be buggy in the software).

Did you turn in a bug report or shall I?


I already have 3 to my name, some of which may not be bugs but features :unamused:. Your turn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, now I have 4! haha!


Ahha! Where can i find/buy the covenant software? It sound like it might make a campaign a lot less bookkeeping?

<- If you just look at the board Morten!!!:Edit

/Morten Kay

It's in beta, so it's still a bit rough, but it is shaping up very nicely!

Can't wait to see it all fall together. Already have my covenant put in.