Profession: Counterfeiter

I have this idea, of a young man who is smart, eager, and obsessed with counterfeiting.

Not simply coin, but all manner of valuables. Jewelry, bizarre oddities, books, fake spell books, ect. The main focus, however, of what I was thinking was two directions. He makes fake relics (nice martyr bones, cloth from Peter, hair of the ass that the Khristos rode, ect.). And he makes fake books (lost tomes of Egypt, scrolls from Aristotle, even on those rare and fantastic occasions, when is in for a real thrill, an actual tractatus written by a founding member of the Order). Needless to say he does not do this to have a long safe life. He is a thrill seeker and loves the art of the game if you will.

A few questions I have as far as game mechanics go is:

1)The relics would be a Craft ability? Craft: Relic making specialty (Reliquary)?

2)Faked writings would be Profession: Scribe specialty (forgeries)?

3)Which characteristics would be most appropriate to the rolls? For the making of the book it would be Communication I think, but the relic? Would it be Dexterity? Or would Perception be used to determine how well he is making it? Or would he need a high Intelligence to make it accurate.

To many directions in which to be going.

I actually just wanted to talk this out to sorta grasp what "in game" stats would arise so that the sheet reflects the character's skills and he would have the appropriate scores that apply to a better than average counterfeiter.

Of course this type of character may not last long selling fake spell books huh?

Mmm, tricky yes... I would say Perception at least to be most likely, as that is really where it both starts and ends, have to be able to perceive exactly what he wants to fake and once its done, look at it and figure out "does it look real?". Intelligence can certainly be argued as well, possibly even several rolls during different stages in the making(perception to copy something, intelligence to make something fake from scratch then go on with Dex for the crafty part and then again Per or Int to make sure its good enough...)...

Maybe Profession "Forger" limited by the relevant skill for making the current forgery?