Project: Redcap Banner Contest

Plans for the migration of Project: Redcap are still moving ahead,
slowly. We've got our hosting situation sorted out (thanks again to
everyone who offered to help). The next thing we need is a new logo
and/or banner for the site!

So, we're having a contest, starting today and ending June 30.

What we need is a JPG or PNG banner image, 944x128 pixels, that will
look snazzy on the new site. Text should read, "Project: Redcap" and
optionally include the subtext, "the Crossroads of the Order". You may
use images from the Atlas Games Web site and/or original artwork.
Please do not use images scanned from Ars Magica books or random images
from the Web to which you don't own copyright. Publicly-licensed images
such as those from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, or other free image
archives are also welcome. Your banner does not need to include an image
to be considered for the prize.

There will be a prize! The best banner will receive a free copy of
"Lords of Men," or a copy of "Magi of Hermes" if the winner prefers.
(I'll pay the shipping costs for the prize.) And, of course, we'll use the
banner on our site, giving proper credit to the artist.

Please submit entries by e-mail to redcap at andrewgronosky dot us. Entries
will be judged by the "three amigos" of the HermesWeb project: myself,
Pitt Murmann, and Yair.

This is a great chance to show off your creative talents, contribute
something to the community, and possibly score a free Ars Magica book!
Once again, the contest ends June 30. Good luck!

Reminder, the deadline for the contest expires in about two weeks. So far, the only entry I've received is the quick "placeholder" banner Pitt put together.

There is just over one week left. I've received submissions from two people, though one of them submitted several banners. So, just to be clear, you can submit as many banners as you want, but you can only win once. :wink:

My total lack of graphic design knowledge impedes me from taking part in such a contest. Glad that there are several 8surely cool) options to chose from :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see the new banner, and thanks for keeping up that really useful site, Andrew. greatly appreciated.


The evil b@stards who were sending me my drawing tablet for my birthday in May still have not sent it...

Once they have, I intend to give it a shot. 8)

The contest is over, and the winner is Toshi Casey. She will be receiving an autographed copy of Lords of Men.

Right now I'm a bit too busy to upload the banner to the Project: Redcap site, but I will get around to it before too long.

Congratulations! Art/Drawing/Graphics has always been an open book to me -- written in old Aramaic. I'm always in awe what at what other, far more gifted people than me can accomplish :slight_smile: