Project Redcap Finally Supports Multiple Languages

Hello all,

This is the last time I will darken the forum with Project: Redcap-related announcements for at least a few weeks, I promise.

After a considerable struggle, I have managed to enable multi-language support in Project: Redcap. Contributors have always been free to write pages in their own language. Now I have some Wiki features in place to make languages usable.

We have some foreign-language versions of the main page, but most of them are quite a mess. French and German are in reasonably good shape, but the rest, I doubt are even readable at this point.

This is a call for volunteers. :slight_smile: If you are interested in helping improve Project: Redcap's international pages, your contribution will be much appreciated. Here are some things you should know:

  • The classic, pre-2005, non-Wiki redcap is still online at This is important because you might be able to re-use some of the content from those old language pages. Not all of those pages were ever carried over to the Wiki, so if someone could just copy and paste them and give them a light update, that would be a great start.

  • Project: Redcap's policy on languages is at ... age_policy. The Wiki software is rather English-centered, but my policy is that other languages are very welcome and I will help however I can.

  • Instructions for creating a non-English page are at

Let me know if you need help or further information.


Andrew Gronosky
Project: Redcap