Project: Redcap -- HTTPS Community Testing Request


Project: Redcap will be undergoing an HTTPS upgrade to provide increased security to the site. The plan is to implement this change on the weekend of June 23-24, 2018. As a part of this change the Ars Magica community is asked to test the HTTPS Project: Redcap site URL at from now through June 22, 2018. Following the upgrade, HTTPS will be the default protocol for accessing Project: Redcap.

Update your bookmarked Project: Redcap links to Also, feel free to test by implementing page edits to Project: Redcap via the HTTPS URL. Project: Redcap is a wiki that benefits the Ars Magica community, and your involvement is essential to ensure the site continues to be the quality ArM resource on which you rely. If you experience any issues during your testing please immediately contact or reply to this discussion topic.


Thank you all for testing and contacting me with any concerns or situations you've experienced as we plan to update Project: Redcap to HTTPS protocol. Testing has gone well and we're planning to make the change during the early morning hours of June 23, 2018. If all goes well the site will be unavailable for approximately 5 minutes while this permanent change is implemented.

Thanks again, ArM community for your assistance!

The change is implemented and redcap is back up. Please contact borbetomagnus if you notice any technical glitches; he runs the site now and I am just tech support. :slight_smile:

Thank you ArM community members that tested the Project: Redcap change to bring the site to the HTTPS standard. And, thank you to Andrew for implementing this change!