prometheus ex tytalus

this character is approved

I guess I am withdrawing Prometheus as well. Soloing on a covenant, detailed income, covenfolk, etc. management was never my intention or interest.

I'll continue playing Richard for now but it's unlikely I'll come up with another magus or companion concept.

I gave Prometheus three opportunities to pursue stories, I am sorry you did not choose to pursue any of them.

Hunting down his parens? What else?

But I don't want to blame anyone other than me...

IIRC correctly, @silveroak offered a story to acquire buildings and extend the covenant, and the subversion of Malta looked like a third.

I would be sorry to see Prometheus (and Larione) drift out, but I can see that a one-magus covenant has certain down-sides (IC as well as OOC). Is it possible to abandon Syracuse and join Malta? Or even abandon Rome and relocate to, say, Hibernia? Or, would it work to recruit another player to play a recruit for you covenant? TBH, I think you give up to easily.

I don't think I give up easily. I'll probably not only give up Prometheus, but AM as a whole (at least 5th edit, but that's the same given the resonance my request for a 4th Ed game had).

I tried on multiple occasions and my thoughts and preferences are either not compatible with the system or the online community. I liked AM for the degree of freedom its magic system provides. This comes with a lot of complexity I accepted as probably necessary but never liked per se. I admired the reduction of combat rules to what about 10 pages in AM 4th. As broken as that was it was a clear expression of focus on magic...

Now, silveroak has expressed at multiple occasions that he actually enjoys complexity. Which is fine and I would have given it a longer trial phase - if the level of complexity I have to cope with could be kept rather limited.

However, Prometheus likes the position he is in. A secret covenant in Syracuse, some connections to the Malta covenant to extend on in the coming seasons, only Hermetic books are a problem right now.

Fair enough- Prometheus likes where he is at but you do not- how about we retire Prometheus to an NPC and reopen a magus slot for you, if you are interested. It would be a mage-errant again but there will be other opportunities- the game is supposed to interact with the whole of the Roman tribunal and not simply a single covenant, you might even try a character who likes being a mage-errant for some reason... or obviously a holy mage has certain advantages in Rome...
to be fair he could have hunted down one of the other tytalus magi as well...

I will note that Tytalus is not a good house to avoid complexity- they tend to like plots within plots and scheming as a way of life. Jerbiton or Bjorner tend to live much less complicated lives... or tremere can be very simple if you don't have a lot of ambition- follow orders soldier!

Oh, I was not against a complicated life, just don't like complicated rules.

Fair enough. Then I suppose I have to rest my case.

If you had offered to run a 4ed game, I am sure you would have had your players. Calls for an SG rarely attract much attention, regardless of the edition.

Sure enough, yes. I didn't really expect an SG offer, just testing for interest. And to be fair, I am not sure my issue is with the edition.

Sadly, I lack experience and time to offer a game myself.

I did not want to break that point :innocent:
Personally, I find I can resolve my issues with 5ed by barring (certain) optional rules and glossing over details. That turns it into a question of troupe/SG style. My problems with 4ed are not so easily resolved, although I would be happy to play it just to get another take on the world.

I am thinking of throwing Prometheus back into the hunt, though on a different trail- do you prefer this to be as an NPC or a PC?

Not sure if I'll find back into the game that way, but at least it would not be covenant accounting.
We can give it a try as PC.

But if you need Prometheus as a more stable, planable character with a more reliable player, I'd be ok to see him as an NPC as well.

basically if they get Athena on a ship I intend for it to be one of Prometheus' ships. Of course Richard rolled really well for following her so it may not come to that...