Proposals for Grand Tribunal America 2011

Hi everyone! The planning committee for Grand Tribunal America is accepting proposals for our 2011 event, and we would love it if other interested folks would participate. Please help us host an Ars Magica convention that you and your friends can attend and remember!

The way the process works is that everyone who is interested in making it happen puts together a brief outline of their plans, including who would be the chairperson, where it would be located, what sort of amenities it would include, and how much it would cost. This involves finding places that folks from out of town can stay, and obtaining a quote for renting a central location where we can host the games and other events. It is a fairly small con, usually between 15-30 people.

If you would like to put together a proposal, let me know by writing to eriktdahl at gmail dot com, and I'll add you to the mailing list. We will be making our final decision some time in mid-October.