We have a new player, who is introducing a Verditius with an interest in prosthetics. This has all sorts of potential. He has so far been talking about artificial limbs, as you might expect, but I'm sure eyes and more fanciful replacements, or just additions, are in the future.

Problem: I really see little guidance for this sort of thing. I don't recall anything for prothetics, and I've looked where it seems likely. I find nothing in Art & Academy for mundane prothetics. The Mystery of Automata, in HoH: MC, might make a useful basis for artificial limbs.

Any suggested reading?

I don't remember anything official. I tried to do something like this through a magic object (to avoid the warping of spells). I'll check.

I think one of the fan mags had a Verdi based replacement limbs which were also longevity potions, but I can’t recall which mag or issue (Sub Rosa I think).

I’ll have a look through to PDFs for the article, and let you know if I find it.

I also wrote some spells about animating hands and body parts, and the spells which might be needed to make them connect to a living body. Totally my own craziness though.

Probably Sub Rosa, issue #14, p. 14ff, Verditius Longevity Devices. Not a huge fan of that article myself, but it's there. :-/

Does this person want prostethics that are controlled via thought (like natural limbs), or via external commands?
In the former case, Warping will be an issue, since the device has to sense said thoughts, which makes a constant effect, always on InMe effect effectively necessary. Not hard to make, just necessary.

There's a fellow named Timothy Ferguson who has an Ars Magica podcast, and one of the episodes discusses different styles of prosthetic limbs. Mostly non-Verditius styles, sadly for your plans. Listening may give ideas though. Warping is going to be unavoidable I think.

Warping could be avoided if the prosthetic is only used on occasion.

Another thought that might work If you take a less restrictive attitude towards magical sense spells than the rules probably intended, is to give e device a target touch effect that allows it to read the intentions of the wearer. That way the device is the target of the magic rater than the wearer,

Wrote these for a necromancer I've never played. Feel free to steal for ideas and especially correct all the mistakes. :slight_smile: I'm almost certain there has been a thread in this forum about this too.



One point per year. Not terrible.

I don't know that he's worked it out that far. He's new to ArM and his baby mage is working on getting his Arts up.

Considering that he's also a starter-level chiurgeon, I suspect he plans to craft in flesh, but I don't know and I'll let him coalesce.

As mentioned, I did an article for Sub Rosa describing Verditius prosthetics... Lord knows which name I wrote it under, but it is there if that's of any use. The Sub Rosa reviews thread probably gives a view on the article from a couple of readers.

You might look at a couple spells on page 84 of Magi of Hermes. The Griffon Reborn and Spirit of the Bull of Minos all are about replacing body parts.