Provence Fall 1207

9 on initiative. Defending with Perdo. Resistance total 6

attack of 22,

no defense roll?

I misread your resistance for your defense roll. 1 botch die

Defense 18

attack advantage:4, weakening total 12, 2 fatigue levels, your attack

Attack 22

with 2 fatigue levels shouldn't that be a 21?
She has a defense of 13, so 8 or 9 attack advantage. weakening of 11 or 12, her resistance of 9, she takes 1 fatigue, roll initiative for the next round, she has 12 this time.

6 on the die 16 corpus +1 presence -1 fatigue so 22. 8 init

she attacks with corpus again, but this time fails to land the blow. Your attack...
another round or so on discord where nothing lands until you land a smackdown, with an attack advantage of 9, her resistance s 9, your weakening winds up at 13, her resistance of 9 again, and she takes another fatigue.

Init for her is 16 on the next round with attack of 19, defense of 16...

Defense for that round is 22, Attack 25

Attack advantage 9 + weakening 4

next round init 4

After several more rounds you drop her unconscious.

Gerard looks at her second, and gives him a polite nod, then takes the boys back into Bentalone.

Short adventure of great signifigance and accomplishment- 8 xp and 2 confidence.