Published adventures question - fishing for opinions


What is the best published adventure (including the ones in supplements like Legends of Hermes), not adventure hook, to begin a Spring/Summer Covenant saga?


Do you take Fanzines into account?

I particularly liked the first chapter of ToME.


I hadn't thought of those... hell yeah!


IMO: Calebais.

I know I'm going for a classic there, but I've had a lot of great sagas start with Calebais.

The two part adventure the Ghoul of Vizey (spelling?) with the later adventure Return to Vizey.

Calebais? It's not really for beginner magi. Who has ever fight might 60 mad flambeau ?


Where is this from, pray tell?


Old school, 2nd ed, from a collection of adventures called "Tales of the Dark Ages".

The "return" was "Festival of the Damned" (the village was Lezay, but that's not in the title), also 2nd ed. (And then there's a 4th ed anniversary updated release of FotD.)

Here's the official blurb:

The Ghoul of St. Lazare
by John Nephew
A horribly mutilated body floats downstream to the players' covenant. It is discovered that the pox killed the unfortunate girl — and afterwards someone did this to the corpse. What evil brews upstream? Diabolists, a necromancer, or worse? In the course of their investigations, the characters encounter a bizarre priest, twisted by lies and secrets of the dark past, who has lost much of his hold on reality. What evil fate awaits him and the investigating adventurers?"

How did people find the 4th edition "The Bishop's Staff"? I'm thinking of using it (appropriately updated to 5th ed.) to introduce some new players to the troupe.


Thanks for the input. Howsabout 5th Edition stuff only? :mrgreen:


Tradition dictates that I come in and plug Sub Rosa at some point about now, pointing out that every issue has at least one fully-described scenario and issue #8 (to be published in September) is no exception. They're easily worth a session or two of your troupe's time.

In the published books, I forget what they're called by Tales of Mythic Europe has two combat-heavy scenarios that provide good diversions, one set in Hibernia and one dealing with a Viking attack (or does it..? No, it does. Or does it..?). And not as fully-described but we had fun with it anyway, we played with the Heron story material in Ancient Magic. I'm not sure we stuck particularly closely to it, but we used the elements that were there and it worked for us (I'm a couple of breakthrough points away).

ToME "Rise and Fall" is good. We based our current saga around it.

"Curse of the Rhine Gorge" in the Rhine tribunal book also works good. It offers ready-made locations for a urban covenant, a coveant in the middle of the forest that has to deal with fae and a covenant in the middle of the river that will be small but can be Ok if you want to be left alone. You can also build any other kind of covenant around there.

2 other interesting options can be the island of spirits or La Torre No Vista in Legends of Hermes. The first is a secluded location, the later a location in a city.

Calebais is always a classic. Been there, done that. been marched. Quite fitting.

If you like the dance with(in) dragons, a tribunal in the isle of mann is always an interesting exercise. Hermes Portal #14 and #15 (free to download) offer interesting ideas about this option.

In Sub Rosa there is a dragon hunt adventure that can serve as a potential location for a new covenant as well. That fanzine also offers ready made covenants all around.

It depends on what you like. City life, high fantasy flying castle covenants (also available in Legends of Hermes), a secluded covenant or a fight for survival in afrontier land. Anything and none of those options all together can be achieved with the diverse settings. For a classical "fairly secluded castle by the wood that can still be drawn into mortal affairs stuff" feeling, I would go for Curse of the Rhine Gorge setting up in Pfzalz (or whatever spelling) island.