Puissant or Magical Foci; Which is Applied First?

As the title says. Which do you apply first if you have a Puissant Art which will be affected by a Magical Focus?

Puissant applies once only - so apply it "at the end". The application of a Focus is situational.
I don't think it is legit to say that a Puissant Art is applied twice just because the focus applies the art score twice.

I think you actually add it twice.

And remember, it's often worth checking the errata.

That's a pretty generous interpretation. I read that to mean the Puissant applies when ever the art is used, not that it applies twice when an art is applied twice. Both could be true.

The +3 is added to the total, not to the Art's base value.

Having said that we also double the puissant in my table sagas. it does not break anything, really, so no biggie if you want to do that.

Xavi: you appear to be quoting the pre-errata'ed version, which involves adding +3 to a total.
As already indicated:

compounded with

Since there's no longer any reference to adding "+3 to any total" but rather "You add 3 to the value of one Art whenever you use it.", I don't really see how you can argue that it is not included.

Ah yes. I quoted from the PDF version of the game I have. Didn't check for errata, my bad.

No worries.