Punch and Mutant Punch

How much damage does a normal punch do? Where is it listed in the book? I raise the question because of Mutant Punch. Does this schtick mean that the damage from the Mutant Punch is Equal to the Mutant Attack Value? The wording has me a bit confused.


Unarmed attacks for standard characters do 7 points of base damage.

That can be a punch, a kick, a grapple, a throw, a shove, almost anything that doesn't use a weapon.

The "Mutant Punch" schtick means the character makes their attack rolls for hand-to-hand using their Mutant Attack Value rather than Martial Arts. For the Gene Freak, for example, they don't have a backup Martial Arts attack value.

The Gene Freak uses their Mutant AV of 13 when they make a hand-to-hand attack. The damage is still a standard Unarmed Damage Value of 7 but the roll to determine whether they hit or not is made with a 13 AV.

For reference--

On page 108 there's a chart of damage values and the first entry is "Unarmed (includes judo-style throws)" with a value of 7.

Awesome! Thanks for the help.

Gene Freaks are also Very Strong, however. It seems like it'd be a no brainer to take the 1 shot activation to have +3 to their damage value for the rest of the fight (putting it up to a base of 10).