Quaesitor's Powers Pre Schism War?

In either True Lineages, the Core book, or some other book... There is a mention of something to the effect of "the Quaesitors were given new investigative powers they previously did not have in order to avoid another schism war."

Exactly what might these "new" and now standard investigative powers be?

It counts, because I'm running a game in 801, and while I think I figured this out before (likely decided something myself and never wrote it down), I can't for the life of me find it. Any suggestions would be great. :slight_smile:

have a look at:

This should refer to HoH:TL p. 62 Cooperation and HoH:TL p. 62f Investigation Immunity - but the authority Quaesitores held before the Schism War is not outlined there.

Since in 801 the Order is still forming and Guernicus alive, I would expect that Quaesitorial authority at that time is also still a matter of negotiation among the founders - as hinted at in HoH:TL p.38.