Quain scholae Verditii (development)

Fresh out of gauntlet, might not be advanced any further, I'm mulling it over.

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +1, Com +1, Str -1, Sta 0, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 23 (23), Height: 5'6'', Weight: 158 lbs, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Verditius Magic* [Preparation Abilities: Philosophiae/*Craft], Adept Laboratory Student (Lab Text Bonus: +6), Affinity with Philosophiae, Affinity with Leathercraft, Puissant Leathercraft, Gentle Gift, Affinity with Corpus, Social Contacts (House Mercere buyers), Skilled Parens, Primogeniture Lineage, Chaotic Magic, Deficient Technique (Perdo), Seeker, Slow Caster, Overconfident
Dodge: Init: +0, Attack --, Defense +0, Damage --
Fist: Init: +0, Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage -1
Kick: Init: -1, Attack +0, Defense -1, Damage +2
Soak: 0
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: French 5, Area Lore: Native 2, Latin 4, Ancient Greek 4, Finesse 2, Artes Liberales 1, Magic Theory 4 (inventing spells), Philosophiae 2, Order of Hermes Lore 1, Area Lore: Lemnos 1, Scribe 1, Leathercraft 4+2 [Category: Consumables], Verditius Cult Lore 1, Magic Lore 1, Parma Magica 1, Folk Ken 2, Charm 2, Awareness 2, Bargain 3
Arts: Cr 4, In 4, Mu 6, Pe 0, Re 6, An 3, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 11, He 0, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 0, Te 4, Vi 4
Encumbrance: 0 (0)
Spells Known:
Lamp without Flame (CrIg 10) +4
Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) +11, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15) +9
Repel the Wooden Shafts (ReHe 10) +7, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
Eyes of the Cat (MuCo(An) 5) +9
The Unseen Porter (ReTe 10) +10
Gift of the Bear's Fortitude (MuCo 25) +17
Arm of the Infant (MuCo 20) +18, Mastery 1 (multiple casting)
Preternatural Growth and Shrinking (MuCo 15) +17
Disguise of the New Visage (MuCo 15) +17
Decay Fur and Hide (PeAn 10) +2
Rope of Bronze (MuHe(Te) 15) +6
Beast of Outlandish Size (MuAn 15) +9
Circle of Beast Warding (ReAn 5) +9

I debated leathercraft and cobbler, and am still.
Now do pay attention, 007.

That scabbard on your hip can be voice activated to relocate the sword/knife into your outstretched hand. The baldric has enchantments which destroy the weight of the sword and scabbard carried within it. There are compartments for the eye patch which lets you see in the dark. No, don't place it on the eye, place it above the eye, like so.

Finally, we have the boots, which are keyed to you personally and allow you to transport yourself quickly back to base. Simply whistle like so...

Quain specializes in leather goods for the Redcap (adventurer) in the field. He is recently gauntleted (either newly, or I might do a cycle, I'm still undecided). His work is generally looked down upon by others in his House that work in more valuable materials, but Quain sees it differently. Leather is intrinsic to almost every adventurers' kit. Who wouldn't come seeking him or his wares out? The cost of materials is low, so he reaps a better price for his enchantments, and leather is nearly ubiquitous.

I need to flesh out who his master is and what his Masterpiece was... Open for comments.

coolness 8)