Quantities For An Arcane Connection

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Perhaps I've missed this in the rulebook, but I'm looking for clarification on something.

Does the quantity of something matter for how powerful the arcane connection is to someone? IE: Is a drop of blood as powerful as a vial, is a stone chip as powerful as a whole brick from a building, is one hair the same as a lock, etc?

I'm currently trying to think of sneaky ways to get an arcane connection from foes!

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There are no rules about that, no. You'd need to consult with your SG on a case by case basis - your character should know what is necessary, since it would fall under Magic Theory. You should probably go with something which feels symbolically appropriate: the lock of hair is traditional, the single hair less so. A stone chip wouldn't benefit you as much as something more symbolic, like the cornerstone of the building. The drop of blood would work out in most cases: I'd probably rule out mosquitoes. A blood stain on a white cloth is much more like it. :slight_smile:

Basically, if I thought you were just looking for a cheap trick, I wouldn't be very happy. Even if the thing you got were sufficient to use with arcane connection range, you might get penalized for lack of style with a reduced penetration bonus.

Obviously he should refer to Bonisagous' "Queer Eye for the Gifted Guy: Increase your Hermetic Power and Look Good Doing It!". :slight_smile:

According to the list of arcane connections (AM5 p. 84) a strand of hair last for months giving a +2 bonus to penetration multiplier while a lock of hair lasts for years and giving a +3 bonus.