Question about Faerie Doctors

I have a question about Faerie Doctors, well more like three actually. (4th edition books)

The first one, in the book Faeries on p. 137 (that is where the companion profession is listed). It says that they get two abilities. The first one is described like this:

"Faerie doctors are granted an Ability called Summoning. They are able to summon faeries by rolling SUMMONING + COM + FAERIE LORE + A STRESS DIE equal to or greater than the Might of the faerie they wish to summon. This process takes 1 minute per 5 levels of Might the faerie possesses, and may require props such as special herbs or other items. Each summoning costs the faerie doctor 1 ShortTerm Fatigue level.#

My question is regarding the "COM" that gets added to the die roll. Is it short for Communication, your base stats or is it eluding to the second ability that is called "Command". Or something else entirely?

My second question is regarding the last part;
"Finally, all faerie doctors must aid any who come to them who are afflicted by the faeries, though they may request payment for such services."

I interpret this as they help people who have been affected by faeries. And I do mean "humans" by people. Or would you include other faeries, and other things, as well. As long as the "culprit" is a faerie? I can get behind both, just wanted to check and see how others have interpret it.

The last question, do you have any experience with either playing or having someone ever play a Fearie Doctor in your game. Any tip, pointers or thought on them? Does or donts?

Its been a LONG time since I played 4th.

  1. But yes, COM is Communications, and that should be standard in all the published materials.

  2. I would think it is just humans, but I suppose the SG should continue to push the boundary as an interesting story hook.

  3. No, I don't think a FD ever showed up in our games.

Thank you =)