Question about Group composition

There are a few adventure types my magi go on..
First, there's 'solution' adventures. I have a problem. I go to solve the problem. Problem solved. Usually takes 1-7 days including travel. Low xp.
Next, there's 'problem' adventures. Something is going on. Figure out what the problem is. If possible, solve. Generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on travel. Usually good xp.
Finally, big investigation adventures. Usually involves lots of locations, a few days at each, a variety of skills used. Takes about a month of time including travel. Oftentimes needs resource-gathering to solve a problem, like trading favors or designing spells for the solution. Good xp.

Finding my familiar: started with 2 seasons of letter-writing and study, that didn't actually take time away from the lab. Then I selected my adventure, travelled for 3 days by ship (I can't fly) then investigated the area. Entered negotiations with the 'owner' of the familiar. Could have just killed everyone and moved on but decided to make a deal, since it would help me earn the familiar's favor. Spent two weeks screwing up plans of the local smugglers, went to get familiar in payment. Went home. 3 weeks total, 8 xp.

my troupe has kind of fallen into the regime of 1-2 magi and 1 companion and 3 grogs as our 'adventuring standard'.

In our game, we rarely ever play grogs or companions. It does happen on occasions, but those are the exception rather than the rule. This happens either because a mage is injured and recovering or more rarely when someone is tuck in the lab working.

Several of us made magi who are ready to heed the call of adventure, and we easily get into our flying ship, grab a dozen grogs and go quest etc

We have toyed with the idea of changing this dynamic, but all of us prefer to play our magi rather than leaving them offscreen.

This might not be as designed, but it works for our group. I'd suggest you offer to your player s to make their own companion and have a reason why the companion is connected to another mage than the players. It might be tougher to design encounters, but our ST has not complained about it.

That sounds like the kind of spread I like as well. However my current group is too small for this, with 5 people 1 is SG so 4 players. That’s why we double up. When my maga goes on adventure I run her two grogs - one a Shield grog the other a scout - for when my maga is busy of for things she considers beneath her

In my experience, all players indeed want to mainly play their maga. It's never been a problem for me. If you really want to make them feel they need grogs and companions, just play the effects of the Gift by the rules. I never bothered with this too much myself.

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