Question about Heartbeasts


The description of heartbeasts in HoH:MC notes that domesticated beasts are out - I take it that means that no Bjiornaer will have a dog for a heartbeast? Wild dogs do exist, but somehow they seem less "noble" to me than the domestic version.


Yes, I think dogs are out. I don't think there are wild dogs as a real species, either - dogs are domesticated wolfs, and presumably wild dogs descended from the domesticated ones. I think there are many pretty-wild, not very pleasant, mongreal dogs roaming around Europe, and I could see them roaming around Mythic Europe too. But I don't think they're suitable for a Bjornaer.

Of course, it is completely up to your troupe. If you decide dogs are cool for a Bjornaer, go for it.

There are always exceptions to the rules, it seems. There is a Bjornaer in the Rhine Tribunal if I remember correctly, with a horse heartbeast. Also, in Normandy Tribunal, there is a very cool NPC with a rat as a heartbeast, which is not a "noble" animal. So I would say that a dog is all right as a heartbeast. Cow or sheep? No. Dog? Yes. :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong with wild horses. There is no doubt that they are noble animals.

That Rat-Bjornaer is very much a special case, and possibly unique. She started out as an Ex Misc with a Focus in Rodents; when she became a Bjornaer it was no great surprise that her heartbeast was a rat, even though it was hitherto unheard of.