Question about rings and spirit forms

From what I can see, it has not been clarified in errata, but probably should be.
I'm pretty sure the intent was to account for the +2 Magnitudes for Voice. Because who would cast a Touch range version of DEO? I actually knew a character who did this,and allowed it to strip +10 might at 5th level, because touching a demon is a pretty bad idea. He put it in his talisman, and then botched the attack roll, leaving the demon in possession of his talisman.
Good times. :smiley:

Well, we're here to help, aren't we?

And yeah, a DEO lvl 05 at touch range strips 10 might, 05 more than a voice range DEO.
If you deconstruct it, it's actually Base 4 (strips base +2 magnitudes = 10), +1 touch = lvl 05.
It doesn't strip 14 might, just like a lvl 05 "normal" DEO will strip 05 might, not 13.