Question on Dungeoneer

Hello all, fist up let me say hello as this is my inaugural post, and how much I enjoy Dungeoneer. It is a very fun, succinct, "clean" gaming experience, and by that I mean, in, out, and done with all the scheming, killing and last minute saves etc. anybody could want, in a reasonable amount of time!

my question then is that as I was perusing the games entry on, I noticed the wonderful pictures of the basically boxed Polish edition of the game, and I wondered, any chance at all of this coming here as a special edition, or even of some of the components being made available here in the US? (or if they are already where may I purchase them)

Just wondering, and I will enjoy the game nonetheless, keep the great art and new sets coming!

Thanks for the compliments on Dungeoneer! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm afraid we don't have any plans to go to the Polish box format right now, though ... the double-deck tuckboxes have worked very well for us.

Thank you For the reply, oh well I guy can dream can't he? And like I said its not detracting any from the experience, not having standees and all. Now if I could just happen across some information on a new set or two.... :laughing: