Question on fast cast and initiative

In our form game ( Novis Main) one Mage has gotten into a bit of a pickle and we went into combat.

Roberto ( the good guy) has an init of 7
Leolinus (the bad guy) has a init of 4 but + 3 because he has fast cast. so also a 7.

Since Roberto has a quickness of +1 and Leolinus has a -1 Roberto went first. He fast casted PoF to try and scare away the 3 grogs + one companion advancing on him ( I said he was in a pickle) Leolinus cast Confusion of the Numbed Will(ReMe) on Roberto ( penetrating his Parma). Roberto wants to fast cast a defensive spell.

Here is where I'm a bit shaky on the rules. fast casting a second spell is -6 to Init. But it seems to say that ( or I'm not reading it correctly) that you have another Init role for the fast cast with the other Leolinus.

So either Roberto can not do this because it will be his 2nd spell that round and a spont fast cast and his initiative is 1 for it vs Leolinus' 7. Or he and Leolinus each roll initiative for their spells ( which does not make sense to me).

Is any of this making sense?

Roberto rolls for initiative twioce.

The first time , it determines in what order the different characters will act.

The second time (fast cast) he rolls to see if his initiative beats Leonius and the fast cast spell can go out before the enemy spell heats him squarely in the forehead (literally, in this specific case).

So the second case it is to determine if he is fast enough instead of to determine order of events. If he is fast enough, he can fast cast. if not, he will be hit before he can defend against the attack.